Our beautiful blessed nation
The land of noble aspirations years gone
Is now critically crippled-
And cankered with corruption,
Eclipsing and dulling the hopes of many
The erstwhile struggle to break free
Now a total gamble of high degree.

Dallying doctors, in squalid hospitals
Courageously fleece baby’s Panadol
While their mothers, helpless single mums
Are forced to understand
That medic’s diminutive pay
Is still in the State’s hand.

The scandals hitting our headlines daily
Some involving poor chickens,
Testify clearly
The farce in the anti-corruption body;
Which banks dreams of a brighter Kenya

We won’t achieve nobility
if the law still respect ‘who’s who’
when Wanjiku demands for accountability,
And the strategy we have in place;
The gluttonous turned hunters
Paints the menace a daunting face

Corruption is a death trap
Very elusive and ready to snap,
Mountains of uncollected garbage
Rivers of flowing frothy sewage
Traffic officer obsessed with ‘chai’
Corrupt elite’s jerry-built flats
All make part of our daily life,
Early grave is not for you
Take a stand and speak out
To make Kenya a better nation.

Kenya is for all of us
To govern, farm, invest and merry,
You deserve quality
Minus parting with ‘kitu kidogo’
Take a stand, speak out
And make Kenya corruption free.



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