they are saying
that our muscles and courage
are tendered by mom’s affection
that our actions and age
are lost in the mist of time
that ‘don’t help a man-
unless you are his mother’
lambasting farther,
that we’re frail and feckless

they’ve stormed the streets in solidarity
fervently demanding for equality
I hear they vowed to die fighting
For freedom to put on our trousers,
what a waste of precious ‘kitchen time!’

hilarious bargain they present;
Either we switch lanes-
they to sire, we to nurse
Or they’ll soon overtake us-
Sneak snatching our seats
In the happy drinking dens.
‘the earth is tired and disgusted
by archaic traditions’
The only reason theyimageshfjh give.

There are silent responsibilities
There are loud privileges
There are loud responsibilities
There are silent privileges
This is harmony and order
We all have duties to perform

We all have duties to perform
questioning not the design of the Creator
why clay? Why from the rib?
One was to protect
One was to be protected
One was to be helped
One was a helper
Everything in love and respect.