Man: garden my rose flower
Pick its lovely petals
Trend upon my heart
For your feet’s soft to hurt
Alone you I give;
Take my rose

Lady: Your rose I’ll take in the future
Time I request to make a hoe
Beauty I know of as a treasure
Wait for the jewel to be precious
Wait till my heart counts love

Man: a step in the myrtle
A step to get myrrh
That I pour to wash your soul,
It overflows into the unseen future
My love I give.

Lady: you’ve said you love me,
What is love, I ask?
“my heart is yours”
Once I remember you wrote.
Two hearts to own,
Too dangerous for my health.

Man: love they say is blind,
but my is never that
they say it’s like a butterfly,
butterflies are restless
my love to is a dove
calm, faithful and genuine
it’s my love, my own love
take my rose

lady: my heart and hands tremble,
I fear to dance the music
Why want to play trouble?
Too early
Too early for me to love
It’ll bring for me a double tumble

Boy: for the future I await
My love advancing by day
When the jewel is precious
Promise me your heart
For my rose is yours forever!