Youth is a privilege
To build a blissfully beautiful future
Stalk your heart with courage
And shove aside short pleasure

Stash of cash shouldn’t be your desire
For the warmth of Mr. Sponsor is dire
Guilt that consume within like fire
And will sure drag you down the mire

In the company of your age mates
Lies fulfilling love and genuine peace
Living a double life has its price;
Closure of happiness gates.

Youth is a marvelous age
Dance wild at the tunes
But don’t forget, it’s the vintage
To the many years coming
You deserve more than roses,
Flowers with lasting fragrance
Self-worth is better than daisies
Guard your integrity from hyenas

Youth is a passing stage
Cheryls be careful with your life
‘Sponsors’ have their paths to travel,
If you insist on carrying their luggage
In exchange of cheap comfort
You’ll know the earth means business
When the storm febrile shall have calmed.
© poetdismas



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