Remember every word you say

To live by them every day,

The promise you make is your duty

Not Daisy, but honesty be your beauty


Delight in the ecstasy of diligence

Purpose to race at your own pace

Be nice, honour grace, emulate Christ

For the beauties of the world are ugly


There is always something to grasp

When your world is falling apart,

Wait, wait till the time be ripe,

And listen intensely at the whispers of your heart

Listen, listen, wait

Know when the time is ripe

You’ll defy fate.


Heroism pleases every soul

Strive for ideal, strive to be whole

Tender your spirit, comfort the scared child

Strengthen your spirit, face every challenge wild.

Be the giver, be the servant

Without love, gold is but a stone.

by poetdismas



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