To my lovely Sister,

The work of your hands are diligent
The depth of your heart is deeper with compassion
The sacrifices you make for your loved ones run out of count
And your generosity can’t be measured with Earthly vessels
For you are rightfully a star.

There is an earnest prayer in my heart at every sunrise;
That the Almighty be with you always, every moment of your life
In the morning, may He be the reason you smile
In the struggles of this life, may He be your hope.
In the daunting darkness He shall be your light, fear not
In the confusion of this world He shall guide your steps, worry not
May He protect you and your family.

Trust in Him to safely lead you Home
Believe Him, He cares for you
And nothing will ever stand in your path to greatness,
For you are the Ester.

                                             Your loving bro, poetdismas