Here to all, beautiful piece.


Away they scattered

To regions far unknown.

But their reflection could

Be seen.

The beauty of broken pieces.
Their reflection was a

A beauty to behold.

Forming rainbow colours

Bringing out the real beauty

Of broken pieces.

I remember the valleys

I fell in, the mountain

Climbing under scorching sun.
The ugly moments that

Had hidden beauty.

The tears that sooth an

Ailing heart.

It was all mystery .

But now I open every

Page of my life, I smile

For I know it was worth it.

Every experience was a line,

Making me now a poet.

Sometimes beauty is seen

In brokenness,

I’m not finishing strong

But under grace,

For the real beauty of

Broken pieces is

Seen when you know

You are under grace.
God your grace has brought

Me this far, and it can

Only get better,

It must get better.


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