Here and Now, in your presence
I have experienced every sensation of sin,

I have pursued every desire of the flesh.

Often I am drunk on the wine of darkness,

I have fulfilled all the cravings,

Yet here I am, greatly dissatisfied-

and desperate still.
I have gone after everything I perceived beautiful

I have lusted for mortal bodies,

I have danced to tunes of thrills-

Tunes that lasts no more than a night,

I have burnt in the desire for things that pleased my sight

I have intoxicated my faith

and now my spirit is hollow and empty.
I have travelled the paths of lawlessness

I have trudged on the paths of shameful deeds,

The highways and byways of evil is worn out by my swift feet

I have spat venoms, and fought fearlessly against anything good.

I have dined and danced with the devil

I have swam in the ocean of silly cheap excitements…

But, still here I am, thirsty
The filth I am, to your presence I come

No sacrifice I bring, only Your blood I claim.

For years and years, I’ve been high on the smokes of shame

For years and years, doing evil has been my aim

But today I come

For years and years, flesh has dictated my desires,

But today I surrender.

For years and years, when I was a slave of darkness

The world scorned and spat on me

But this moment, Jesus, this very moment right now

When at your feet I bow;

This moment, Jesus, this very moment right here at your presence is all I have been yearning for

And now that I am finally home, I am greatly fulfilled and whole.

Thank you Jesus for seeing beyond the thick of my filth.



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